Christell Foote

Not your average woman, Christell Foote stands above a crowd – quite literally. At 6’4” this beauty is an accomplished ballet dancer, model, career woman and advocate for opportunity.

She graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Business Administration and is currently a District Sales Manager in the Gallo Sales Leadership Development Program, where she utilizes her skills in sales and marketing to connect consumers to internationally recognized brands.

A dedicated community servant, Christell has continued her partnership with Tennessee DECA, a student organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for their futures. Christell served this organization for two state officer terms. Serving the state as state secretary and Tennessee DECA state president. Christell is an advocate for the HOPE scholarship, which is funded by the Tennessee Lottery, providing tuition for any 2 or 4-year degree program or vocational tract for qualifying students. As a recipient of the HOPE Scholarship herself, she encourages students across the state to seek out scholarship opportunities to pursue their higher education.

Christell grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee where she attended West High School. Her family now resides in Murfreesboro, Tennessee where Christell’s favorite local activity is attending the farmers market in the town square.

Since starting to learn Spanish as a young girl, minoring in it in undergrad and practicing it mostly during travels to Spain, Christell considers herself "tri-lingual" – she will continue trying to become more fluent and hopes to get better as she gets older.

She loves working out but is not a fan of the treadmill. She’s a big foodie and Italian tops her list. Wait, maybe she should rethink her love for the treadmill, right?

Having modeled for Ferrari and Porsche over the years, Christell has become quite the sports car enthusiast and an avid Formula 1 fan too!

At the age of three, Christell started in ballet classes finding her passion for the art and through the 16 years of her ballet career she was fortunate enough to train with Joffrey School of Ballet NYC, Ballet Chicago, Joffrey Ballet of Texas, and the American Ballet Theater.

As your Miss Tennessee USA, her promise is simple – to continue to help expand the minds of every man, woman, and child she meets. To encourage us to think differently about ourselves, about each other, about the world around us. To celebrate our uniqueness, our special gifts, and importantly - to recognize that we are better than stereotypes and the expectations others may have of us.

There’s nothing ordinary about being a woman whether 5’ 2”, 6’4”, a ballet dancer, a basketball player, a homemaker, or a Fortune 500 CEO. Each of us, and all of us, make this journey and this world remarkable simply because... we are.



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